A Reminder for those attending U16 – 19 Champs at Massanutten

Inspection Times Each Day: 7:30-8:30 A.M. Start Time: 8:40 A.M.

Saturday: Slalom

Sunday: Giant Slalom

Get on the lift as soon as you can and come to Top of Course – Coach Henry and Coach Paul will be waiting for you.

For the full race announcement –  see





Winter Teams Update February 24th 2016

Winter Teams update for the weekend of February 27th and 28th

D-team Practice at Wintergreen 7:45am-11am both days
This weekend will be the development team’s FOURTH annual d-team crazy helmet contest!  To give you an idea of what this means, in the past skiers have decorated their helmets as rock stars, princesses, and used themes such as ‘Luck of the Irish’.  Your honorary development team coaches will hold the judging on Sunday at 8am and prizes will be awarded.  While participation is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged!

Crazy helmet contest rules:
1. Helmet must fit properly with chin strap buckled.
2. The crazier the better.

Race Team No organized practice at Wintergreen this weekend.

U10-U14 Champs at Sugar Mountain, Coaches Robert Sandy and Chris Shepard will be there with you. Good Luck to all the young racers.
U16-U21 racers will be at Massanutten for rescheduled champs. Coaches Paul Given and Henry Fonvielle will be with you as well as others TBA. Go fast and make us proud.
Freeride team No organized practice at Wintergreen this weekend.
Freeride team will be at Seven Springs PA for USASA events and away practice. Coaches will be there for you.

Post Season racing For U12 and U14 Wintergreen Racers

Greetings U12 and U14 Racers!  Listed below is information about the post-season race in New Hampshire:

Francis Piche Invitational 2015 – Friday March 11th-Sunday March 13th

It is time to think about post season racing in the northeast! One of the events that SARA racers participate in and have had some amazing results in is the Francis Piche Invitational at Gunstock Mountain in southern New Hampshire.

  • This event is open to U12 and U14 Boys and Girls. We have spots for 20 U12 athletes (10 boys/10 girls) and 16 U14 athletes (8 boys/8 girls). Yes there is a spot for anyone who wants to go and this is a great way to see the next level of competition.  We compete as individuals and as a SARA team in GS and SL against racers and teams from all the state organizations in the east. There is also an optional training day with an introduction to Super Giant Slalom course for the racers.
  • The dates for the Piche race this year. Friday March 11th: Piche GS Training Day, Saturday March 12th: Piche GS Race, Sunday March 13th: Piche Slalom. Optional training days on Wednesday March 9th (Slalom)and Thursday March 10th (GS) are available
  • Registration for all days takes place at runsignup.com and should be available in a couple of days. We will send out detailed instructions on how to do this.

There is no need to wait for SARA Championships to start making plans for this event. If you are a SARA racer (age category U12 and U14 only) this season you are invited to participate.  SARA coaches will be representing the SARA athletes again this year. We will prepare seed lists, communicate with Gunstock race officials, handle coaching on the race days, suggest lodging options and organize evening socials.  If you are interested in participating in this race or to receive more information please send an email ASAP to Chris Shepard.  cshepard@wintergreenresort.com

Let’s represent SARA as a team in the Northeast!

Additional Information:


Cost for Friday Training day and Saturday GS race is $165.00

Cost for Sunday SL is $65

Most families stay at the Fireside Inn in Gilford, NH. We usually have a potluck dinner with all the families on Saturday night there.

Again send an email to cshepard@wintergreenresort.com to receive a full packet of info and instructions on how to register.


Winter Teams Update Wednesday February 17th 2016

Winter Teams schedule for Saturday February 20th and Sunday February 21st

Freeride team will have practice both days at wintergreen 745 am til 11 am. There will also be a Wintergreen Series Slope style event at Wintergreen Saturday evening.

D-team will practice both days at wintergreen 745 am til 11 am

Race team

  • Will be at Timberline for U16-U21 champs (good luck to all athletes)
  • U10-U14 athletes will be at Bryce for GS and SL races.
  • Also any athletes at Wintergreen this weekend, normal practice times 7:45 am – 11am. (GS on Saturday, SL on Sunday)
  • Nastar will be at normal times 12pm-2pm

U10-U14 athletes today is the last day to register for Champs at Sugar mountain.. Please go to skisara.org and register now if you have not registered.

U10-U14 Champs update

Wintergreen racers if you are planning to attend the U10-U14 SARA Championships at Sugar Mountain you need to send the registration form (link below) to the race secretary by tomorrow Wednesday February 17th.


The only Wintergreen racers registered now per the secretaries notes are;

Madelyn Diradour
Lillie King
Emma Lastra
Remember there is no minimum race participation this year to enter. All U10-U14 racers are invited.
Please send an email with the registration form above and register now!
Here is the event schedule with more information


Winter Teams Update Friday February 12th 2106

All teams will practice at Wintergreen this weekend. Saturday through Monday.

The Freeride team will also have a Wintergreen Rail Jam series event to participate in on Saturday evening.

The D-team will practice all three days 7:45 am – 11 am. It will be very cold. If you are going to use hand and toe warmers please remember to take the warmers out of the package and let them heat up for at least 15 minutes before putting inside the gloves or boots.

The Race Team will practice GS on Saturday, Slalom on Sunday and a Dual Slalom on Monday.

There is now U14, U12 and U10 races at Bryce on Feb 20th and 21st. We are encouraging all our Wintergreen U14 U12 and U10 athletes to participate and will be providing coaches for the event. Please send an email with your name and ussa# to skischool@bryceresort.com to register for the race. This is also an excellent opportunity for D-team athletes to try out racing USSA regional races. If you are interested in doing this please email for more information/Instruction on how to proceed. cshepard@wintergreenresort.com

U16 and older Racers need to register for SARA Championships today. Check your email for registration info that was sent from SARA or find the from on the homepage of skisara.org

U14 and younger racers can also register for SARA championships at Sugar mountain. There is no race requirement for these athletes so anyone can register. Find the registration forms at skisara.org

Masters Training this weekend. Coach Dave Lippucci will be at Wintergreen this weekend! Any adults interested in training with Coach Dave please come to practice at 7:45 am.