Teams Hike Saturday November 28th

For those Development Team, Race Team and Freeride Team members who are not going out west with the team and will be on the mountain the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Coach Chris Mauck will be organizing an unofficial hike starting at 10:15 AM from the Race Trailer followed by lunch at the Edge. All team members and any parents who would also like to join us, Coach Chris will be at the trailer at 10 AM. Make sure to bring hiking shoes, water and possibly a snack. The Edge has planned a $15 kids menu (includes tax and tip). Adults are welcome to order off the adult menu.

The plan would be to hike until noon and then head into the Edge for lunch. Parents can plan to pick at the Edge around 1 PM.

If you are interested, Coach Chris will need to get an approximate head count by Wednesday, Nov 25 so he can give the Edge an approximate head count.

Please email him at

The New Wintergreen Store is Open

The NEW Wintergreen team store is open!
The store will be open twice throughout the season for set blocks of time.  We are trying out a new company for this store and this system will help ensure that ALL items are delivered on time!
Please pay attention to the store deadline – After the closing date, the store not accept any orders until the store re-opens in January.
The store is open now and will close at midnight on November 30th! Delivery is guaranteed in time for the holidays.  You can choose to have it sent to your home for an additional cost or you can pick up at Wintergreen at no charge.  Check it out to see the all the team items – sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats and more!
There is one brand new “feature” item – we have added those great Phunkshunwear neck tubes.  
They are double layer (that really nice thin material) and you have the option of choosing any of the three wintergreen team logos! 
Questions, please contact Nicole Weiss (
Happy Shopping!!

Winter Teams Update – Thursday November 19th 2015

Winter team schedules are now posted for all three teams for Winter 2015-16

Race Team Race Race Team schedule 2015-16

Freeride Team Freeride Team schedule 2015-16

Developmental Race Team D-Team Schedule 2015-16

The Race Team schedule was posted some time ago but there have been some changes. Take a look at the new schedule to see changes.

We will have our season kickoff BBQ at the Discovery ridge area at 12pm on December 5th.

Please remember to pay dues prior to Saturday November 28th to avoid late fees. We only have about 30 people out of 175 from last year signed up so far. Click on this link to go to the online registration process or call the ski office 434-325-8058 to register over the phone.

Call or email Chris Shepard 434-325-8282 with any questions.


Wintergreen Winter Team Registration open for Winter 2015-16

Race Team, Freeride Team, Development Teams

It is time to sign-up and register for the Wintergreen Winter Teams for this coming season. Freeride, Race and Development Teams. If you were on a team last year and you plan to participate this year there is no need for an additional tryout process and you can go to the online site and register and make payment for your team member for the 2014-15 winter season. If you are trying out this December or through the camp at Copper you should wait until after your tryout to register and make payment.

Reserve your spot today and avoid late fees by registering before November 28th

Follow this link for the online registration process

Once you click the link above below are some things to consider that might help with the process.

  1. Like most ecommerce sites you need a registered account to make a purchase. Also every item will need a name attached to it. This name is the child’s name not the purchaser/parent’s name so the child will have to have an account as well.
  2. Make sure you, your child or children each have an account and you know what the passwords are for yourself and each of your children. You should do this by clicking on the member lookup tool tab on the home page and going through the process to make sure everyone is listed. Also if someone is not listed and you need to create a new guest/member you can do this at this point and from this page. Once everyone is in the system you can go back to the home page, start selecting items and purchasing.
  3. Do not log in first. Select the items you want to purchase and attach a name to each item. If you only have one child you only enter a name next to the item. If you have multiple items and multiple children repeat the process for each.
  4. Once all of your items have a name attached click to proceed to checkout. This is where you need to log on as the purchaser with your name and password. Now you can enter info and make payment. Make sure you are logged on under your name by checking under the logon boxes on the upper right corner of the page before you enter card info and make payment.


If you follow these instructions the process should work. If it does not you can call the ski office at 434-325-8058 and the office staff will process the registration over the phone.

Please print and complete the attached forms and get them back to me via email or regular mail before participating in practice.

WINTER TEAMS forms 2015-16

For non-members or anyone who will need to purchase the non-member training pass for slope access on weekends, this sale can only take place in person at the ski office in the skyline building. After you are a paid member of one of the teams you can come by and purchase the training pass.

For more information or questions please email