Wintergreen Teams Summer Camp in Austria

Wintergreen Summer ski camp in Austria

Looks like we picked the right year to go to Austria as Mount Hood is coming off a terrible snowfall Winter and reports are that training lanes will be limited.

We have 34 people signed up and paid deposit for the camp. Deposits were due on March 31st. If you still want to go and you have not paid your deposit please let me know as soon as you get this. I will hold this option open to make your decision until April 15th and then I will close sign-ups so we can focus on detailed plans.

Final payments are due by May 1st

The location of the camp has cuased some to come up with plans to visit other countries in a variety of ways. Out of the 34 participants we will have a fair number joining us for the five days in Berchtesgaden and Salzburg after the ski training. This should be a great experience. If you have not done so please let me know soon if you are planning on attending that part of the camp.

Some things to consider and plan for;

  1. Have you booked your flight? Remember the flight must land by 1pm in Munich on Saturday June 20th in order to use our group transportation. If you are renting a vehicle your flight can land at different times and you can make your way to Hintertux on your own time frame.
  2. Is your passport up to date? There is still time to get your passport by the normal process at but only for another week or so. If you wait you can still get passport through an expediting service but it will cost you around $200 extra.
  3. Cell phone service. Have you researched what cell phone service will cost in Europe? Think about reviewing your carriers policies on European cell phone use. You need to also know if your particular phone will work on the service offered in Europe. There are many options to consider and you can research those on the web. Just wanted to throw it out there.

The arrangements have been made through Austria Racing and the Hotel rooms have been booked. They are ready for us. Thank you to all who got deposits in. I think this will be a fabulous Camp and experience. If you want in call me ASAP 434-989-2541