Winter Teams Mount Hood Camp update

Wintergreen Teams Mount Hood camp Update April 8th 2014

April 15th is the date we need to know if you are planning to participate in the camp at Mount Hood this summer. Condos are booked at Lake Collins and we will need to make any adjustment to the number of units we have reserved by May 1st. There is a list below of people who have committed to going. Take a look at the list and make sure it is correct. Please send an email to let us know if you are not on the list and you plan to participate.

Payment options

We need a deposit of $500 by April 15th. The full balance is due by June 1st.

Payment can be made by….

  1. 1.       Mailing a check to; Chris Shepard, PO Box 706, Wintergreen VA 22958 (make checks payable to Wintergreen Resort).
  2. 2.       Filling out the attached registration form and emailing to Registration form Hood registration form 2014
  3. 3.       Calling Chris Shepard @ 434-989-2541

The roster of participants so far, we know there are others not on the list please send an email to Chris so we can update. Thank you

Race   Thompson, Callie
King, Donna   Thompson, Billy
King Lillie   Miller, Steve
Frank, Rose   Miller, Kaylyn
McAlister, Andrew   Walters, Mike
McAlister, Danielle   Walters, Ian
McAlister, Cindy   Walters, Peyton
Ehlers, Mathew    
Stagg, Geoffrey    
Stagg, Julie   Freeride
Stagg,   Ray, Morgan
Fonvielle, Mclean   Kolaskie, Ryan
Davidson, Bjorn   Kolaskie, Tyler
Schulte, Charlie   Grattan, Trudie
Schulte, Madison   Reres, Matthew
Ehlers, Matthew   Mailhes, Skylar
Ball, Sarah   Harwood, Missy
    Babineau, Owen