Wintergreen Camp Coach Shaun Goodwin in the news.

Many of you know our traveling guest coach and good friend Shaun Goodwin. If you do not know Shaun and you are on the race side of things you will eventually get a chance to work with him as a coach. Shaun has recently coached at the world cup level as a women’s USA Team coach and has traveled the US helping to train regional coaches. That is how we met and he has helped us as a guest coach in our Copper Mountain and Mount Hood camps for several years as well as making a couple of winter time trips to Wintergreen to help our young athletes and coaches.

Now for the fun part. Shaun plays Bass guitar in a band with his brother and a few other friends. The name of the band is Axis Armada and they have a unique sound and focus on original music. Like a lot of bands they are passionate about their music but unlike a lot of bands they have an opportunity because of their success and popularity to take their music to the next level. Big time in LA recording an album. Shaun wrote an email to me asking if I would spread the word of their endeavour and possibilities. Given all he has done for us the Boosters and I quickly agreed to use this blog platform to let our teams family know about it.

If you have a chance or an interest follow the link below to see where they are in this exciting adventure.

Shaun has promised that even if he gets famous through the music scene he will still participate as a coach at our camp at Copper Mountain in early December.

Good luck Shaun and Axis Armada!

Race Team Travel Race and Training schedule 2013-14

The Race and training schedule for the 2013-14 Winter season is posted below. This is a listing of all races we will travel to as a team and provide coaching for. We always like to have travel races separated by training weekends at Wintergreen. We use the SARA Schedule and create this list based on the schedule they give us. This should provide lots of racing and training at Wintergreen for a full Winter season.

Here is a link to an excel version you can download, print and put on the fridge. 2013-14 Race-training schedule

2013-14   Race/Training schedule
Date Mountain Race Type Classes
12/22/2013 Bryce GS All & M
12/27-31/2013 T A WTG
1/4/2014 T A WTG
1/11/2014 T   A WTG
1/12/2014 Bryce SL All & M
1/18/2014 T A WTG
1/19/2014 T A WTG
1/20/2014 Wintergreen GS All & M
1/25/2014 T A WTG
1/26/2014 T A WTG
2/1/2014 Snowshoe SL All & M
2/2/2014 Snowshoe GS All & M
2/8/2014 T A WTG
2/9/2014 T A WTG
2/9/2014 Massanutten GS U16-U21
2/15/2014 T A WTG
2/16/2014 T A WTG
2/17/2014 Wintergreen SL All & M
2/22/2014 Snowshoe GS U16-21 & M SARA Champs
2/23/2014 Snowshoe SL U16-21 & M SARA Champs
3/1/2014 Wintergreen SL U10-U14 SARA Champs
3/2/2014 Wintergreen GS U10-U14 SARA Champs
3/14-16/2014 Gunstock NH GS SL U10-U14 Francis Piche   Invitational
3/8-9/14 Attitash NH GS SL U16-U21 Eastern High School   Champs
T A WTG = Training at   Wintergreen