Wintergreen Summer Race Camp at Mount Hood


This post is specific information to all registered participants for our Wintergreen Summer Race camp at Mount Hood July 1st-8th 2013. Click on the following link to see registered Mount Hood Participants.

We are very close now and it is nice to think that we will be on snow next week. It has been rainy, snowy and cold recently at Mount Hood but the forecast is for sunny weather and warmer next week. The rain and cold has slowed the summer melting of snow and that means we should have good conditions with good snow all the way to the parking lot at Timberline.

We look forward to seeing you all and want to remind everyone using our transportation from the airport that your flight needs to arrive before 2pm. Please remember to email me your flight info so that we can be looking for you . Also when you arrive Portland remember to call My cell (434-989-2541) or Robert’s cell (804-334-7030) and we will give you directions to where we are in the airport.

Our plan is to leave the airport and drive to Sandy, OR, stop at the Fred Myers (Oregon’s version of Super Walmart) so you can pick up anything you need and then drive on to the condos at Government camp. We hope to arrive at our condos around 430pm as it is only about 1 hour from the airport.

Condo assignments will be given out and you can get settled in. We will have food stocked in our coach’s condo and the first thing we will ask you to do is come by and pick up your supplies for breakfast and lunches. We will have fresh Pizza and Salad for you fix in your condo for that first night. Quick and easy!

I will need everyone to fill out and sign a release form for the mountain. Please open this attachment Timberline release and fill out the attached form and have it with you when you arrive in Portland or when we get to the condos as we will need to submit these to pick up our lift passes for the following day. Very important for those racers traveling without parents. I also need to make sure everyone fills out a Wintergreen Winter teams release so please fill out this one and bring it with you as well WINTERGREEN TEAMS release. Thank you. 

We will train slalom the first three days and GS the second three days. The middle day we will go rafting on the big river in the high desert.

Can’t wait to see everyone there and coaches Robert Sandy, Shaun Goodwin, Leah Chalderas, George Sandy, Henry Fonvielle and Chris Shepard will all be present and excited for a great week of training and fun at Mount Hood.