New Year’s Eve Team Schedules:

New Years Eve Team Schedules:

6:45 AM – Race Team Warm ups and Practice – we will set a long GS course on Eagle Swoop like we did today.

7:45 AM – D Team  and Free Ride Warm ups and Practice

8:30 AM – Timed D Team Race on  Eagle Swoop – Show us what you learned this week!  All Parents, family and race team members are encouraged to come cheer on our newest racers. (Bring your cow bells)

10:00 AM – Free Ride Team Rail Jam in Terrain Park

12:00 Noon – D Team  And Free Ride Awards at the Lookout – come see who our fastest new racers and super cool riders are..

1:00 pm   – Buy your favorite coach lunch ! – Just kidding.




Practice times for tomorrow Sunday December 30th will mirror what we did today.

D-team and Freeride team. Your practice time will be the normal 7:45am-11am.

Race Team  Your practice will start at 6:45am tomorrow. We will train GS on Eagle Swoop. It should be a great hour of GS training.

Also remember there is a D-team race on Monday December 31st at 9am on Eagle Swoop. Please come and support your young racers.

The Freeride team will also have an event on monday December 31st for the new Freeride team members at 9am in the terrain park. Parents are encouraged to come out and support the team members.

Winter Teams update Friday December 28th

Your daily update for practice times.

Good news for D-team and Freeride team. You practice time will be the normal 7:45am-11am.

Race Team  Your practice will start at 6:45am tomorrow. We will train GS on Eagle Swoop. It should be a great hour of GS training.

Also remember there is a Boosters Parents information meeting tomorrow in the main Ballroom at 1pm.

Winter Teams Update December 27th 2012

Early Training worked well this morning. It worked so well that we will ski early again tomorrow. Warmups for Race Team And D-team at 6:45am with practice running from 7am-10:00am. Because we start an hour early training will end at 10:00am. We will train Slalom again. I do not know which slope we will be on.

The Freeride team will train at noraml time. Starting at 8am and ending at 11am.

Everyone in the program must register and fill out the release and code of conduct forms. You can download the forms here, Fill them out and bring them to the ski office or you can go by the skioffice and fill them out. Thank you. WINTER TEAMS forms

Winter Teams Holiday Camp Update. December 26

All Race, D Team members, practice tomorrow December 27 will start at 6:45 am. We will practice until 10:00 am. Meet at our normal spot outside of ski school. We will have the slope to ourselves for the first hour.

Free ride practice will begin at 8:00 am meeting out front of ski school

Check back each day as our schedule is likely to be variable with changing slope conditions

Winter Teams Update December 25th 2012

Winter Teams Update December 25th

The Race team will practice tomorrow morning December 26th as previously noted. The change in the Bryce races (canceld for december 27th and 28th) and the limited terrain open changes our practice plans. Instead of setting gates we will work on our slow speed drills again.

Tryouts for all teams tomorrow at 1pm at the snowsports school. As previously scheduled all tryouts will happen tomorrow at 1pm. Parents please come to the snowsports school and pay the $10 tryout fee befreo 12:45pm and then meet us right outside the doors for the tryout. Please give your children a chance to ski in the morning so they do not come to the tryout without having had a chance to practice at all this year. Your child must have a valid lift pass to participate in the tryout. Coaches will let parents know results right after the tryout which will take about 1-1.5 hours.


Winter Teams Update December 21st

Winter Teams Update December 21st

Good News! We are making snow! It is a blizzard outside on the slopes. This means we should be able to slide soon. Bad news it will probably not be tomorrow or Sunday. The other good news is that our new snowmaking additions are really making an impact. Instead of just concentrating on single slopes we are making snow all over the place. This means when we do open we should have a lot of terrain available. Keeping our finger crossed that the cold air stays around for a few days. The following changes need to be noted for the coming week.

All Teams If you have not registered for your specific team yet you need to do that before you can come to practice. Sign-ups for previous team members are at about 50%. I understand that some are waiting until winter arrives to register but you have to understand as well that we will have a roster of registered team members at our first practice and we cannot allow you to participate until you are registered. You can go to this website to register or you can call 434-325-8058 and the guys in the ski office will register you by phone. Please note that if you are trying out for a team the registration process will take place immediately after the tryouts.

Tryouts NO tryouts this weekend. Tryouts for all teams will be on Wednesday December 26th at 1pm. Please pay your $10 tryout fee at the Snowsports desk before the tryout and we will start right outside on the snow. This is the last possible chance for us to schedule a tryout date before practice starts on Thursday the 27th. If for some reason this is not possible for you please send me an email so we can work something out. With only one date and time now possible I understand there could be some conflicts and we will need to accommodate some schedules.

Race Team With no practice possibility for this weekend and the Bryce races scheduled for the 27th and 28th here is our plan for the Race Team. We have added some optional practices for those who are at Wintergreen for the Holidays. If we are open on Monday December 24th we will have coaches available to ski with Race Team members to help get you ready for the races. This Monday practice will start at 9am at the normal warm up area. On Wednesday December 26th we will have practice and we will try and set for some gate training (Giant Slalom) if terrain is available. This practice will start at 8am at the normal warm-up area. Thursday Morning we will also have practice at 8am and we will look to set gates (Slalom) so you can get a few runs before you head over for the afternoon slalom race at Bryce. Note, please make sure you have fully registered for USSA and SARA as well as the Wintergreen program before you register for the Bryce races.

Freeride Team and Development Team Your first scheduled practice is Thursday December 27th at 8am in the normal warm-up area. We do not see a change in this schedule right now and we are hoping there will not be a change. Wintergreen Slope services will do everything they can to make sure there are some terrain features for the Freeride team. Please make sure you register for the teams before coming to the first practice. Thank you