Thanksgiving Weekend Dry Land Program and Family Cookout

Wintergreen Winter Teams

Thanksgiving Weekend Dry Land Program and Family Cookout

Saturday, November 24, 2012 from 9:00 AM – Noon with family cookout to follow

Come get ready for the winter and have some fun and great food!

Open to all current team members, Race, Freeride and D-teams.


8:30 to 9:00 – Arrivals

9:00 to Noon – Athlete Programs (see agenda)

Noon to 1:00 family cookout (see menu) – Parents can do a Pot Luck Desert!


Each athlete should come prepared!  Bring a backpack to include but not limited to following times:

  • Water (enough for the entire morning)
  • Gloves and winter clothing (it may be cold)
  • Footwear to go hiking in
  • Footwear to run in, play sports on a hard surface and do aerobics


Hiking – hike the slopes and check out the new water tower!

Aerobics – USSA fitness test with shuttle run

Chalk Talk – New age classes, new hiking rules, SARA Championship requirements

Equipment Check – If you have questions regarding equipment >>>>>


  • Grilled Chicken (Coach George’s secret BBQ recipe)
  • Burgers and dogs
  • Grilled Veggies
  • Chips
  • Drinks
  • Pot Luck Desert

Please reply and let us know if you are plan to attend so we know what to expect.

Copper Update Update

Below is shipping information to Copper Mountain for anyone shipping anything out. Please remember to use UPS only . Do not use US post office service to ship as this is not a PO address.

Pictures for lift passes are coming in slow. I have only received 8 out of 70 and I need to email these pictures all at one time by the end of this week. If you don’t get me a picture I cannot promise what the process will be once you get to Copper. Please send photos ASAP thank you. See the first update for instruction on sending photos.

Shipping Information (Use UPS only, No US Post Office shipments will arrive to the address below)

1. Please use shipping information below for all items shipped to Copper. Be sure to include the appropriate training dates. Copper Mountain, Inc. cannot guarantee prompt delivery of improperly labeled packages.

2. Shipments should arrive no earlier than 7 days prior to your arrival. Anytime earlier will yield a $10 per day storagefee.

3. Shipper must pay for all incoming and outgoing shipments. Collect shipments will be refused.

4. Packages should be scheduled for pick-up by the team representative no later than 2 days post departure. Packages left at Copper Mountain longer than 2 days post departure will be disposed of as we see fit.

5. Copper Mountain cannot guarantee prompt delivery of items shipped via United States Postal Service. If you choose to use USPO for shipping, please call 970.968.3027 to confirm the proper shipping address. If you use the address below, YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR PACKAGES.

Copper Mountain is not liable for any packages lost in transit. It is your responsibility to track your packages and confirm receipt with your shipping provider.

Ship To:                                                                                                                    Copper Mountain Conference Services, 0184 Copper Circle, Suite A9,                        Copper Mountain, Colorado 80443

Please include the following information on the outside of every shipped package;

Team Name: ________________________________

Coach Name: _______________________________

Training Dates: _______________________

Cell Phone Number: __________________________

Copper Camp update

Copper Camp Update

For those participating in the Camp

November 12, 2012

The Wintergreen Winter Teams Camp at Copper Mountain just around the corner. This update will provide information on what to expect and some instruction on what we need from you. Copper just received 8” of new snow and more storms are forecasted over the next couple of weeks. The training lanes are open as November is a busy time at Copper. Things should be just right by the time we get there.

Attached is a packing list to help you when you start putting things together. Take a look and use this to make sure you have everything you will need.

If you are coming for the whole week you should think about bringing both SL and GS skis. We will focus on SL the first half of the Week an GS on the second half. That said the majority of the skiing is free skiing and drills so you can get away with either pair. If you have question about skis reply to this email.

Regardless if you are coming in on Saturday 12/1 or Wednesday 12/5, when you get to the Denver airport your contact will be coach Paul Given (434 960 9616). Give him a call when your plane lands and he will direct you to the meeting location. The Global Transport tour bus will depart for Copper Mountain at 1pm with everyone and all your stuff. If your Plane is not arriving before 12pm and/or you plan on arranging your own transport to Copper for whatever reason please reply to this email and let us know so we are not looking for you at the airport. Thank you

Lift Passes are different this year in that you will not receive a traditional lift pass every day. Instead you will receive a picture ID from Copper Mountain that will work as your lift pass. This means I need a picture from everyone going to the camp. Coaches, Parents and Athletes. Anyone who will ski needs to send me a picture so I can send them to Copper so our passes will be waiting for us. If you do not send me a picture there could be some delay in getting on the snow on the first day and that would not be good. So pull out your smart phone and take a picture with no hat, no sunglasses and with a neutral/light color background. Head, neck and shoulders only. Please tag the picture with your name and Birthdate 00/00/000 format. Email the picture to or text to 4349892541.  

 Evening meals will be the traditional “cook in your condos” format for this year. The menu is kid friendly and includes things like Pizza, Taco/burrito, Spaghetti/lasagna, Hamburger/hot dogs etc. All meals will include vegetables, bread and such and we will supply you with everything you need to make this happen. As usually is the case we expect condos to join together for evening meal preparation and the coaches condos will have a store of food for extras as needed. There will be an open night on each side for those who wish to eat out. If you have any special requests for food items please let us know. There is a Safeway and Wal-Mart in Frisco 5 minutes away and we will be making runs to the store so that you can pick any extra items you want. Lunch will again be in the cafeteria with lunch coupons and Breakfast will be in the condos and we will supply you everything you need and your choice of cereals, eggs, fruits, breakfast meat, milk, juice etc.

The elevation at the base lodge at Copper is 9700 feet. At this elevation the Rocky Mountain High can turn into the Rocky mountain Headache or mild elevation sickness. While the majority of our campers have not had an issue we usually have one or two that show some symptoms and have taken a little longer to adjust. The best remedy is to proactively drink plenty of water several days before departure and while you are onsite to ensure proper Hydration. There is also a clinic within walking distance from our condo and they can help with other remedies to anyone who might need it.

Coaches at this year’s camp include, Chris Shepard, Robert Sandy, George Sandy, Leah Chaldares, Paul Given, Shaun Goodwin and Danny Murawinski.

If you take the time to email us your flight arrival times we will make a list and know when to expect you.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Chris Shepard 434-989-254


Winter Teams sign up for 2012-2013 Winter Season

It is time to sign and register and the Winter Teams signup process for this coming season is now open for Freeride, Race and Development teams. If you were on a team last year and you plan to participate this year there is not a tryout process and you can go to the online site and register and make payment for your team for the 2012-2013 Winter season. If you are trying out this December or through the camp at Copper you should wait until after your tryout to register and make payment.

For those who have used the online process to pay for teams in the past you know it can be a bit cumbersome and it is not as user friendly as some other sites you visit for ordering/shopping. The good news is we are getting an upgrade through our software vender the bad news is it will not be active until next season. With that said here are some hints to hopefully make the process go a little smoother.

Some things to consider that might help with the process.

  1. Like most ecommerce sites you need a registered account to make a purchase. Also every item you select like “race team” will need a name attached to it and this name is the child’s name not the purchaser/parent’s name so the child will have to have an account as well.
  2. Make sure you, your child or children each have an account and you know what the passwords are for yourself and each of your children. You should do this by clicking on the member lookup tool tab on the home page and going through the process to make sure everyone is listed. Also if someone is not listed and you need to create a new guest/member you can do this at this point and from this page. Once everyone is in the system you can go back to the home page, start selecting items and purchasing.
  3. Do not log in first. Select the items you want to purchase and attach a name to each item. If you only have one child you only enter a name next to the item. If you have multiple items and multiple children repeat the process for each.
  4. Once all of your items have a name attached click to proceed to checkout. This is where you need to log on as the purchaser with your name and password. Now you can enter car info and make payment. Make sure you are logged on under your name by checking under the logon boxes on the upper right corner of the page before you enter card info and make payment.

E-commerce site link

If you follow these instructions the process should work. If it does not work for you, please call the ski office at 434-325-8058 and the office staff will take care of it for you.

For non-members who will need to purchase the non-member training pass for slope access on weekends; this sale can only take place in person at the ski office in the skyline building. After you are a paid member of one of the teams you can come by and purchase the training pass.