Freestyle’s 2012 Swap and Tent Sale

This weekend (Oct 27 and 28) is the equipment Swap and Sale at Freestyle in Charlottesville. You can still drop off old items to sell today. Tomorrow and sunday you can shop for equipment. Coach Robert and Coach Paul will be at the Swap on Saturday and can answer questions and help guide any team members looking for equipment. If you are looking for Robert when you get there you can call him on his cell phone 804 334 7030. Let him know you are coming so they can expect you.

Here is a link to the Freestyle shop and the details posted on their site.

Wintergreen Freeride Team session at the Snowflex Center Saturday October 27th

The next Freeride team session is coming up this Saturday October 27th at Liberty Snowflex Center from 12pm to 4pm. This is a scheduled session at its regular time. Please reply and let us know if you will attend. The sessions are more important now that the winter season is approaching and Coach Danny will be there for training Saturday. The $50 coaching fee can be paid in cash at the session or you can call or email me with a credit card number.  Reply to 434-325-8282

USSA Membership

Last Day to avoid late fee!

Today is the last day to to renew your USSA membership without a late fee. Please go to the USSA website to start the process and avoid the late fee.

USSA membership is for Race Team member those who will travel and compete against other teams this winter. Development team members do not need USSA membership and those planning to be on the Race Team this Winter for the first time can go to the link above and register anytime as there is not late fee if you are a first time member.

USASA membership is designed for Freeride team members. The USASA membership renewal deadline date is November 1st. Go to the USASA site to renew your membership and avoid the late fees.



From the NFL to pee wee soccer concussions are in the news more than ever and with good reason.  In the past 24 months the number of states passing return to play laws has risen from 8 to 32.  Any athlete who returns to practice or play before they have completely healed from a concussion is risking serious permanent injury or worse.

Coach Chris, Coach Robert and the rest of the Wintergreen coaching staff have always taken concussions very seriously and now so does USSA and USASA.

Even though concussions are rare in our program we do occasionally have athletes who fall and hit the hard surface. Concussion management of young athletes is an important issue for all of us. It is our responsibility as clubs, officials, coaches and parents to ensure that athletes suspected of sustaining a concussion are managed carefully, and that their return to sport program is cleared by a qualified health care provider.”

All Wintergreen coaches will follow the USSA and USASA concussion policy to the letter.  This means that if an athlete is suspected of having a concussion and/or traumatic brain injury (TBI) they will not be allowed to practice, train or compete until they have been cleared by a certified healthcare provider.  Parents should read and understand the USSA and or the USASA concussion policy.

USSA (ski racing) Concussion Policy

USASA (freeride) Concussion Policy

For more detailed information on our procedures for handling concussions. Please click on the following link and read the information in the action plan.

Wintergreen Team Concussion Action Plan for all athletes