Snowflex Freeride session Saturday September 29th

The next Freeride team session is coming up this Saturday September 29th at Liberty Snowflex Center from 12pm to 4pm. This is a scheduled session at its regular time. Please reply and let us know if you will attend. The sessions are more important now that the winter season is approaching and Coach Danny will be there for training Saturday. The $50 coaching fee can be paid in cash at the session or you can call or email me with a credit card number.  Reply to 434-325-8282

Wintergreen Race Team race and training schedule 2012-13

This might be a record for getting this schedule out early in the season. That said some things might change along the way. That is what happens when we schedule so early. I am very happy with the way the races and training lay out this year. Attached is the schedule in an excel format.

Race Team Training and Race schedule 2012-13

The U14-U10 age groups will not have to travel very far from home this year. With the longest drive to Bryce Resort. There will however be lots of racing with 8 regular season races at Bryce, Massanutten and Wintergreen.

The U21-U16 age group will get a chance to race at Snowshoe on February 2nd and 3rd and then stay over for Monday the 4th for a single run on a big GS on Cup Run if they choose to. Keep in mind the Cup run Challenge is not a USSA sanctioned race and is not part of the race weekend. It is however a challenging race on a big hill.

As with every season there are other races on the SARA schedule but this schedule represents the best training/racing scenario. If you have any questions or suggestions let me know. The full SARA schedule will be posted sometime this fall.

The Freeride schedule will come out as soon as we know what events are available through USASA.

USSA Competition Changes for Winter 2012-13

For those on the Competitive Race Team wondering what is new for the coming season and for those making the switch from D-team to Race Team, here is some important information to get acquainted with.

USSA age classification changes for Winter 2012-13

The old J1- J6 age classifications are a thing of the past. The new U21-U10 age classifications are in effect for this coming winter and will surely cause some confusion for this winter. The one bright side is that it is very easy to determine which age class you are in. Also The U class system is used by other sports so you might have some experience with it. The U stands for “Under”. So for example the U 16 class translates to Under 16 years of age so all participants in this class are 15 years old or younger. The date for determining your age class is December 31st. If you are 15 years old on December 31st 2012 you will race as a U 16 for the coming 2012-13 winter season. If your birthday is in January or February you continue to ski in the age class you were assigned to by the December 31st date.

In USSA youth racing you stay in an age class for two years. The classes are U10 (ages 8-9), U12 (ages 10-11), U14 (ages 12-13), U 16 (ages 14-15), U18 (ages 16-17) and U21 (in this group you stay for three years, ages 18, 19 and 20). In SARA races are scheduled at different resorts for different age classes. The SARA Championships will be a two-part process with the older ages (U-21, U18 and U16) scheduled for the last weekend in February and the younger ages (U14, U12 and U10) scheduled for the first weekend in March.

USSA ski length requirements

Ski length requirements for USSA are not in play until a racer reaches the age of 16. If you are 15 years old there are no ski length requirements for SARA/USSA Racing. I6 year old requirements are; Boys SL 165cm minimum length and GS 180 minimum with an additional 21m minimum turn radius requirement, Girls SL 155cm minimum length and GS 175cm minimum length and additional 21m minimum turn radius requirement. There are other ski design requirements such as lift height and ski width but they are not much if any concern unless you are customizing your skis after purchase.

All of the age class, ski and course requirement changes and other competition changes can be found at this web page.