Mount Hood Camp update June 26th 2012

Mount Hood Camp update June 26th 2012

Hood Camp Menu 2012

A couple of things to help get you prepared for Mount Hood. The first is a menu. The attachment has a description of what is for dinner each day along with items available for Breakfast and Lunch. This year we will take advantage of the group kitchen at the pool house for most daily Dinners so we can all eat together. Take a look at the menu and please let me know if you have special food requirements (allergies, conditions, etc.).

I also had a question about clothing and so I wanted to give an answer to the group and a suggestion for how to dress for skiing in the mornings at Mount Hood. We hit the lift at 7am and will be at the top of the mountain every day at 7:30am and the air temp at that time can be as low as 25-30 degrees normally. If you add some wind to this it can feel very cold at that time of day. The flip side is it will start to warm up quickly. That means you need to layer your clothing and layering is much more important than dressing for most normal winter ski days. The wind can remain through the morning ski hours and so the outer layer needs to be a windproof shell but should not contain much insulation at all. The problem with most winter ski jackets is they are heavily insulated. If you wear a heavily insulated windproof jacket up the mountain and then the temps start to rise but it remains windy you will be stuck wearing your heavily insulated jacket to be protected from the wind and risk overheating and being uncomfortable. If you have a nice heavy windproof/water proof shell with no insulation you can layer under with thin thermal 1 or 2 layers starting with even a cotton t-shirt maybe a long sleeve sweater and finishing with a hooded sweatshirt and then the shell on top. This way when it gets warm you have option to take off some under layers and put the shell back on. Make sure the shell is slightly oversized to accept the multiple under layers comfortably. By 10am-11am it can get very warm even to the point where you could be tempted to strip down to a short sleeve shirt. Please remember that the snow is like sandpaper and all athletes will be required to where long sleeve when skiing/training.

As far as what to expect when you get to the airport. We have transportation in the form of 15 passenger vans and a cargo van for luggage. When you land in Portland you need to call me 434-989-2541 or Robert Sandy 804-334 7030 and we will meet you at your baggage claim area. We will load the vans when everyone is in and head to Government Camp about an hour away. We will stop at Fred Myers department/grocery store so you can pick up anything you need/want.

The last thing I would like offer is a brief description of our afternoon activities. The reason we start skiing so early in the morning is so we can train on a nice firm surface. We will throw salt down on our course to keep it firm through the morning training session. We usually ski until 11am-11:30am and then the sun starts to win and the snow gets to soft for training at this point we head down the mountain to our vans and back to the condos for lunch. Once everyone has had a chance to eat lunch and take care of demo ski exchanges we have an afternoon activity planned for every day. Below is a list of scheduled afternoon activities. We look forward to seeing everyone at camp in Oregon. Please let me know via email or phone if you have other questions.

Monday 7/2 Hike to Mirror lake

Tuesday 7/3 Skibowl east

Wednesday 7/4 Hood river/Multnomah Falls

Thursday 7/5 Rafting

Friday 7/6 Trillium lake cookout

Saturday 7/7 free day and extensive video review

Sunday 7/8 Packing for trip home

Words of Wisdom

Good advice from your Wintergreen Coaches

A couple of Wintergreen coaches gearing up for the Mount Hood camp were brainstorming ideas for the team and the athletes and sent me these words of wisdom. It is a unique opportunity to learn to race against the clock and coaches treat each athlete as an individual. You the athlete need to find ways to measure your development and as you do so try and use this advice to help put things into your process.

Measuring Success – Personal Performance vs Outcome

A number of athletes question their own performance relative to other athletes on the Wintergreen Ski Team or other race clubs.

We hear comments such as ‘I am not as good as my friend Susan’, ‘Jim is so much faster than me’ or ‘the racers are so fast from that mountain’.

We find it interesting that often times the personal comments were not grounded in fact and were usually negative to the success of the athlete.

Ski racing is an interesting sport: we train as a team but we compete as individuals. Each athlete can control their own performance but ultimately the medals go to the fastest skier, therefore the outcome of a race should be a factor in your measure of success but your personal improvement (attitude, fitness level and ability) should be the focus.

Athletes must see success in terms of improving their own performance rather than surpassing the performance of others. Ask yourself some questions after a run:

1.How did the turns feel?

2.How was your line?

3.Turns were skidded or carved?

If you focus on your own performance rather than that of your competitors, your performance and success on the race course will improve!

Let’s work hard to train together, be supportive of our teammates (even if they might be the same age class), and grow together to be the best we can be.

See you on the snow!

Coach Robert Sandy               Coach Henry Fonvielle

Mount Hood Camp Udate June 16 2012

Mt Hood packing list for parents 2012

Hello Campers,

It is time to think about packing for camp and I have attached a packing list for you to use. It is a good idea to look over the list to help make sure you will have everything you will need when you get there. Take a look and let me know if you have any questions.

As far as skis go we will train Slalom the first three days on snow and Giant Slalom the second three days. This means you need both Slalom and Giant Slalom skis. If you want to bring your skis for both disciplines that is great. If you want to bring one pair and then demo skis for the other that is fine too. Just understand our training will focus on both SL and GS and you will need both skis to train. If this is you first time at Mount Hood you need to understand that tope line race demo skis will be available right around the corner form where we stay. The demos are free for the kids to use. The outlets and the staff are very helpful and will allow the kids to take new skis every day. Give me a call if you have any questions.

Stay tuned for more Camp information.

Chris Shepard
Winter Teams Director
434-325-8282 work
434-989-2541 cell